Say Hello To Wonder Woman

One girl, working towards wondrous


This blog in no way implies that I am Wonder Woman, but I would one day love to be just that.  I don’t mean the sexy super hero in a bathing suit that flies around kicking ass, so I’m sorry if you’re here for those kinds of images.  I mean I want to be successful and awesome and I want to do that by being well rounded.  This blog is meant to document that growth and keep me motivated as I complete my last year of college, and though I am not looking for a huge following, I have made this blog public in the hopes that it might inspire another individual to make those difficult changes and put in the energy to become the person they have always wanted to be!


As I mentioned,I am going to be a senior in college.  I am twenty-one and the majority of my life successes, or at least the most visible, have come from my career and education.  But life is much more than a career and a transcript.  I want knowledge, fun, positive relationships, happiness, independence and health.  In short, I want it all, even if it’s just a little bit of everything.  So this blog isn’t all about relationship advice, because I am in no way an expert, and it is not all about getting a hot body because I don’t have one of those either.  This blog is about growing each and every day and in a number of ways.


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